Skilled Therapist!

Alice is a great therapist. She is knowledgeable, experienced and is very skilled in many different modalities, from sports massage to deep tissue and Russian technique. After suffering strained neck/back for 2 weeks with no improvement, I made an appointment with Alice following reading reviews of other clients regarding her skill and professionalism.

Cirque du Soleil

Given the nature of our show, our acrobats are in great need of physical healing as well as spiritual healing. They perform nine to ten shows per week and need specific attention to different injuries and physical pain they endure on a daily basis. Alice was able to relieve them of this with regular massages. They were very grateful to the service she provided to them.

Gifted Massage Therapist

Alice Sanvito is a gifted massage therapist and healer. In my work as Artistic Director of Muny 1st Stage, and now as Education Director for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, I have utilized her expert care when performers have reported muscular and movement related injuries. Examples include a serious lower back related strain and another was shoulder related. I sent both the actors to Alice.

Amazing Hands!

Alice has amazing hands! She does an excellent job at creating enough warmth to loosen tight muscles, stimulate the circulatory system, and has pinpoint precision to find the spot(s) in need of attention.

Best Therapist Ever

Alice was my massage therapist of over 10 years. Out of all of the certified therapists that I had tried, she was absolutely the best! Her techiques were excellent and left me feeling stress free and like the weight of the world was no longer on my shoulders!

Alice Sanvito to the Rescue!!

I'm a traveling musician and was performing in the St. Louis area in the midpoint of a Midwestern tour. I had been experiencing considerable pain in my forearm for a long time and it was particularly painful the night our band came to play for a dance in Webster Groves.

At the end of the evening, Alice saw me with ice on my arm and offered to help. In a matter of minutes she went straight to the source and knew exactly what to do to relieve the pain. 

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