Experience You Can Trust         Alice Sanvito, Licensed Massage Therapist

“It’s great to finally find a massage therapist who really knows her stuff!”

This is one of the most common remarks I hear from performers with Cirque du Soleil and Riverdance as well as other performing artists and athletes who value a therapist with a deep understanding of massage.

What my clients appreciate the most is the exceptional level of experience and expertise that I bring to the table. They know they can trust me and that sessions are tailored to suit their individual goals— whether the objective is pain relief, improved performance, or relaxation.

“That’s the best thing I’ve done
in years! I feel like I have a
whole new body!”

“Trust is an important factor for bike racers.”

“Of all of the certified therapists 
that I had tried, she was
absolutely the best!”

“I followed her advice, and the next morning the pain was cut in half!”

“Alice went straight to the
source and knew exactly what
to do to relieve the pain.”

“Alice is a focused and responsive massage therapist.”

“You’re in good hands
with Alice!”

Trigger point therapy
Relaxation massage

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