Interview with Massage Talk Radio

On Monday, May 6, Kathryn Merrow interviewed me for 30 minutes for Massage Talk Radio. We had a lot of fun. She asked about how I got into massage, about my training and experience, and how I've evolved to incorporate the various things I've learned over the years into my practice. We talked about how my understanding of trigger points has changed and I was particularly happy to speak about what I've learned about pain science in recent years. I appreciated the opportunity to tell my fellow massage therapists that even though learning something new that contradicts what we've believed to be true can be uncomfortable at first, it does not have to be threatening and, in fact, when we embrace understanding how the body actually works, it's exciting and liberating. I felt very good about having an opportunity to pay tribute to my Russian massage teacher, Zhenya Kurashova Wine, who first taught me about the role of the nervous system in manual therapy, and to Canadian physiotherapist Diane Jacobs, who particularly has helped me further develop that understanding. 

Something funny happened at the end. The online recording did not stop after its allotted time and our post-interview conversation got recorded. We decided to let it stand. 

You can listen to the interview here.  I hope you enjoy it!