What Makes Massage St. Louis Different?

How am I different? Simply put, I can offer you a level of experience and expertise that is rare in the field of massage therapy and an exceptional commitment to excellence.

Problem Solving

Since 1991 I have had a particular interest in the problem-solving aspects of massage therapy. When it comes to pain relief and improved performance, this is where I excel. I have sought out modalities and approaches that are efficient, effective, based on science and evidence, and have studied with some of the best instructors available in those areas. I have traveled to Russia and Latvia to train and to see how massage is used in hospitals, clinics, and with their national sports teams.


Perhaps the best example I can offer is my work with five shows of Cirque du Soleil and two shows of Riverdance. These are world-class gymnasts and dancers who put incredible demands on their bodies and rely on massage therapy to help keep them working. They travel internationally and employ massage therapists all over the world. When I work with these individuals, I usually have no more than twenty minutes to find out what they need and try to relieve whatever is aching them. Repeatedly they get off my table feeling significant improvement and tell me I'm one of the best massage therapists they've encountered. It makes me feel good that I can give them what they need quickly and efficiently and help them perform.

Individualized Approach

I have had extensive experience with athletes, performing artists, and people with a wide variety of pain conditions. Because I have seriously studied the physiological effects of massage, I am able to work very specifically with the client’s particular condition and take an approach that is tailored to their individual needs.


My clients are people who want to feel better or perform better. They vary in age, occupation, and specific reasons for their appointments. They may be 28 or 88. They are performing artists who want to perform their best, elite athletes who want a competitive edge, construction workers who engage in hard physical labor. They are professionals in high stress occupations, moms who need a break, active seniors who want to stay active, and people who value their health and wellness. They may have a nagging ache between the shoulder blades because of too much time spent in front of a computer. They may be looking for a way to reduce low back pain. They may suffer from a chronic pain condition. One thing they have in common is that they appreciate the depth of my understanding, my commitment to taking care of their specific needs, and their ability to trust my skills. (Read my massage client recommendations and testimonials page to see more.)

And yes, hour sessions really are sixty minutes long!