Pain Education Class, 4/12/14: Registration is now open

Chronic pain is epidemic. It is estimated that 25% of American adults live with chronic pain and the costs in terms of medical expense and lost productivity run into billions of dollars every year. It is impossible to calculate the cost in terms effect on the quality of so many people's lives. 

We are excited to be offering a two hour pain education class at Forest Park Community College on Saturday, April 12, 2014. The class, Explaining Pain: Help Manage Chronic Pain, is for anyone who lives with chronic pain, anyone who lives or works with individuals with chronic pain, or anyone who wants to better understand chronic pain. Professionals, non-professionals, people with pain or people without pain are all welcome.

This two hour lecture will introduce you to what modern pain science has learned about chronic pain and ways that may help you manage it more effectively. The class will be based on the book Explain Pain by Butler and Moseley. 

While understanding how pain works is not a magic bullet to make it go away, research has shown that pain education can help to reduce chronic pain. Besides the lecture, we will demonstrate gentle movements that may help alleviate pain and lead to more normal function.  

The class will be held at Forest Park Community College from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Registration is through the community college and can be done by calling the Continuing Education department at 314-984-7777 or through the St. Louis Community College website. Look for HEAL 703 Explaining Pain: Help Manage Chronic Pain in the health section. Cost of the class is $25 per person or $12.50 for those 60 and over. 

If you have questions about registration, contact the Continuing Education department at the community college. If you have specific questions about the class, you may contact me at

Massage therapists may be able to use this class as continuing education credits. If you are a massage therapist or other health care professional who needs verification of your attendance, let me know and I will furnish you with documentation. 

Please tell your friends and loved ones who live with chronic pain about this class. Share it on Facebook if you can. We can't guarantee it will help, but it could make a difference. 

Hope to see you there! And thanks for helping us spread the word!