Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy

I got a phone call from a client whose wife developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome six months into her pregnancy as a result of swelling from water retention. The condition became so painful she would wake up at night in tears. Her doctor was not helpful. "It will go away after you deliver," was the only suggestion he had to offer. Not wanting his wife to have to endure this for another three months, my client asked if I could help.

I'd never dealt with such a situation but I do know how to reduce swelling so I thought it was worth a try. I worked on her arms and asked her to call me the next day to see if it helped. I told her that we might have to try it a few times before we saw any results and that I couldn't guarantee results, that we were engaging in an experiment. Her husband called the next day to say she had her first painless night in several weeks. This was good news. Now the question was how long would this effect last? The next night it started to return but was not as bad as it had been before we started. By the third evening the symptoms were almost back to where they had been originally. I told the husband she probably should be treated every evening before she went to bed. He was willing to do this for his wife so I taught him how to do the treatment, which only took ten minutes, and he treated her every night. She was able to get through the rest of her pregnancy without pain.

Recently I heard about another woman who had CTS during her pregnancy, induced by water retention. I'm wondering how common is this condition? A quick google of the subject turns up a number of references. Suggested treatment was a cortisone shot. I'm wondering how many women could be helped by a simple, natural treatment that can be done at home? I don't know for certain that other women's pain could be relieved. Just because it worked for one does not mean it will work for others. However, it is reasonable to think it might and certainly worth a try. Have you had CTS during your pregnancy or do you know someone who has? Are you a doctor who sees pregnant women with CTS? How can I get the word out? I hate to see these women suffer what may be unnecessary pain when such a simple solution may be available.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.