The Best!

User Review - rochelle K

the best!
one of the best massages i've ever had! she has a great deal of experience and definitely knows what she's doing.

"Valuable asset to the St. Louis therapeutic community."

“Alice is an incredibly sensitive massage therapist who listens carefully to the needs of her clients and addresses their needs with a gentle yet firm touch. Her thorough understanding of various forms of massage make her a valuable asset to our St. Louis therapeutic community. She has been my massage therapist for several years and I've been quite satisfied with her technique.

Great results, Expert, Creative

“I've had massage all over the world and Alice is one of the VERY best. She integrates techniques in a unique way for each client and is very focused on healing both my body and soul. I started seeing Alice when I was in a very difficult emotional time and she literally 'rocked me' and nurtured me back to strength and health. She is lovely to boot.”

The Best!

Gifted professional. Great Hands. Pinpointed the problem areas and effects were lasting. Communicated easily. Put me at ease immediately. As a former competitive athlete, now a battlescarred senior citizen, I would have to say Alice is the best massage therapist I have encountered.


I've gotten massages from Alice since 1991. She is one of the best therapists I've had work on my very tight and sore neck and shoulders. Alice is very knowledgeable and continues to fine tune her skills so she can offer the best massage for each client. I highly recommend her!!