" I would highly recommend Alice to any pregnant woman."

"I went in for a prenatal massage. It was just what I was looking for.

Booking was a breeze with Schedulicity(?). It only listed the 60-minute prenatal. I'm wishing now that it had the 90 minute. I'd definitely like to do that next time. She said you can also call for an appt. I think I'll do that next time.

The building is a bit difficult to get to. Be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes to navigate the streets of Clayton to make sure you're on time.

This is definitely not a spa. If that is what you're looking for, you'll need to search elsewhere. Alice is very professional. She greeted me kindly when I arrived for our appointment. I filled out a quick questionnaire that she sat down and went over with me.

She has a Prego Pillow to accommodate my growing belly. I have to say I was apprehensive about laying belly-down, even on this pillow, but it was awesome. It is a U-shaped wedge pillow and Alice has an attachment for the face. I was not at all uncomfortable.

Her massage was just what I needed and nothing I didn't. She uses odor-free oil and does not use aromatherapy candles, oils, etc. My sense of smell right now is so heightened that I cannot stand those smells.

I could tell that Alice has been doing massage for a long time. I asked her to really focus on my shoulders and lower back and it seemed like she could tell immediately which areas specifically needed attention. After working my back, she had me flip over and lay on my back with a lot of extra support so my head was properly elevated. She did a quick soft belly rub also. It was awesome.

I wish I lived here so I could go back a few more times before having this baby. It was a huge relief.

The only issue was the noise outside the windows and through the walls. I heard a service truck (trash truck?) backing up and heard the beeping that comes along with it. You can also hear the plumbing from the restroom. These disturbances were few and quiet, so it wouldn't hinder me from coming back.

I would highly recommend Alice to any pregnant woman."

Lucy H.
Homestead, FL