Free Chair Massage at Kaldi's Kirkwood

If you were hoping to get a free chair massage - sorry, the event is over! However, Anne Thomassaon, Maureen Hoock, and I spent three hours giving free massages to the patrons of Kaldi's Coffee Company in Kirkwood. The occasion was Massage Therapy Awareness Week, sponsored by the American Massage Therapy Association. The purpose was to increase awareness of what massage therapy can do for you.

Anne is a member of Kaldi's bicycle team and more than one bicyclist took advantage of the opportunity for a free massage. Other customers included students, a police officer, new parents, and a roller derby queen! We massaged people of all sizes, shapes, and ages, those with aches and pains and old injuries and those without. Many of them had never had a massage before! Every single one of them said they enjoyed the experience and they felt good after only a ten or fifteen minute massage.

Thanks to Anne for organizing the event and to Kaldi's for offering us a place to have it. Kaldi's took great care of us and we are grateful for this opportunity to bring massage to people who might not otherwise experience it.