Gift Giving Made Easy: 15% Discount on Massage Gift Certificates!

Almost everyone enjoys massage but many people won't do it for themselves. You can make it easy for them: give them the gift of massage!

During this holiday season, take advantage of our 15% discount on massage gift certificates! You can purchase gift certificates for massage online at any time of the day or night using your credit card from the comfort of your own home. The gift certificates can be emailed to you directly for you to print out and give to the recipient yourself or you can have them emailed directly to the recipient. It's easy! Just click on the red bow on the home page and follow the prompts. If you run into any difficulties, you can find detailed instructions on this page. If you still have questions or can't find the options that you want, call us at 314-609-2693 or email us at Please note that we'll probably be able to respond to a phone call more quickly than an email.

If you're purchasing gift certificates for more than one person, you'll have to purchase each one separately. If you are buying a package and want to split it between more than one person, the site doesn't allow for that option but get in touch with us and we'll work out the details for you. If you can't find an option that suits your needs, call us and we'll do what we can to accommodate you.

The gift certificates should show up in your email within a few minutes so if you don't get that or a confirmation if you've had to sent directly to someone, call us immediately! Most of the time, the process goes really well, but if you run into any problems, let us know and we'll straighten them out.

This offer is good through the end of December.

We take the stress out of holiday gift giving. Make someone happy - give them a massage!