Now Available: Hot Stone Massage! $90 Introductory Rate!

I don't usually go for spa treatments, but a few years ago I had the opportunity to take a hot stone massage class and I really liked it. People make all sorts of dubious claims about it. I'll just say this: it feels good and is relaxing. That's good enough!

What is hot stone massage? People do it differently. Some simply place heated stones on the body. The warmth and sensation of weight are pleasant and relaxing. Others will massage you with warm stones. This can feel very, very good, especially during the winter months when it's so cold outside. I do both. While my routine may vary, I generally start with the client face down and place the stones on their back, allowing the warm weight to help the person relax and "pre-treat" the back, the most common area of tension. Then the backs of the legs and the feet are massaged with the hot stones. When that is completed, the stones are removed from the back and the back, low back, hips, and shoulders are massaged with the warm stones. Most people find this very, very pleasant.

When the client is turned over, a few stones are plced on the front of the torso. Meanwhile, the legs and arms are massaged with heated stones. When it comes to the delicate areas of the neck and the face, only the hands are used. At the end of the session, most clients feel as relaxed as a wet noodle. People really enjoy it!

Because of the time needed for setup and cleanup (the stones must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected) there is an extra charge. A one hour session is priced at $100, though a discounted $90/hour rate will be offered for the first month to introduce this new option. Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance so there is ample time to prepare for setup. Because of the extra time needed for setup, heating the stones, and cleanup, appointment times for hot stone massage may be limited.

Gift certificates are available for this service but please make sure your recipients know that they must book their appointment well in advance.

One important note: when receiving hot stone massage, it is important to let the therapist know if the stones are too hot! If you are having hot flashes, hot stone massage may not be for you. If you have peripheral neuropathy or any condition that impairs your ability to feel heat, if you have any sensitivity to heat, you should not choose hot stone massage.

What happens if you get part way into the session and you don't like it? No problem, we'll just continue with regular hands-on massage. The charge will still be the same but we want your massage to be a pleasant experience.

Hot stone massage appointments will be made available through the online scheduling. However, for now it's probably best to call (314-609-2693) or email

It you'd like to try something a little different, give it a try. The local spa charges $120 so this is a very good deal.

Hope to see you soon!