Self-Help for Musicians (and others) Class: June 7, 2014, at the Folk School of St. Louis

Many musicians live with chronic or intermittent pain as a result of playing their instrument. Pain is not only an annoying distraction, it can interfere with your playing. Pain inhibits motor activity, which means you have less strength and dexterity. Pain has prematurely ended the careers of many professional musicians.

In this class, we'll be exploring ways in which musicians can help themselves to avoid, reduce, and minimize pain and stiffness. We'll practice movements for the neck, forearms, and shoulders. We'll explore using graded exposure and micro-movements. We'll talk a little about how pain works and how that knowledge can be used to combat pain.

Although this class will focus on the common problems experienced by musicians, you don't have to be a musician to take this class. If you work with your hands, sit at a computer all day, or generally like to learn how to care of yourself, this class is for you, too.

We're excited to be teaming up with the Folk School of St. Louis. The class will be held on Saturday, June 7, noon - 2 p.m. Cost is $40 and pre-registration is required. You can register by following this link to the Folk School.

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow for ease of movement. Bring a yoga mat, bath towel, or something similar, since we might end up on the floor. If you have a yardstick, a broom handle, or something similar about 3' long, bring that, too. I'll have a few extras if you don't have one. 

The Folk School is located at 3527 Washington Ave. just a few blocks east of Grand Ave. A map and directions can be found here. Please be sure and read their class policies.

Tell your friends, especially the musicians in your life. 

Hope to see you there!