Why Give the Gift of Massage? Why Choose Massage St. Louis?

Why give the gift of massage?

As you are making your gift-giving choices, we hope you will think about giving the gift of massage. Why would you want to give massage? There are many reasons.

You won't have to worry about color or size.

It won't add to their "stuff."

It won't make them gain weight.

It may actually inspire them to take better care of themselves.

If you know someone who is tense, tired, or strained, it will give them a break and allow them to relax.

If you know someone who gets a nagging ache between the shoulders, it will give them some relief.

If you know someone who suffers from chronic pain, it may help reduce it and could be their first step towards recovery.

You could improve the quality of their life.

It's eco-friendly. It won't get shipped from halfway across the planet and uses very little natural resources.

It supports small, local business.

Almost everyone loves it. They will thank you!


Why choose Massage St. Louis?

Since 1991, we have been committed to excellence. We offer over two decades of experience and expertise. We've dedicated ourselves to understanding how the body works and finding the most efficient and effective modalities to help our clients achieve their goals, whether it is to relax, to reduce pain, or to improve performance. We are dedicated to client education so that the client can understand how to take better care of themselves. We don't indulge in woo or fads, we offer good, skilled therapy.

Franchises offer you a 50 minute "hour" by inexperienced therapists who leave after a few months. We offer a full 60 minutes of hands-on by a dedicated, highly skilled therapist. We take our time. We listen carefully and tailor sessions to the client's individual needs. We are trained to work with a variety of conditions. We hope you'll come back, but we won't pressure you into signing a contract for sessions you don't want or need.

During our December promotion, we offer discounted gift certificates. Our rates are very competitive.

We appreciate your support. Without you, our clients, we would not continue in business. Please share us with your family and friends.

We wish you health and prosperity in the coming year and forever.


- Alice Sanvito, Licensed Massage Therapist