Gifted Massage Therapist

Alice Sanvito is a gifted massage therapist and healer. In my work as Artistic Director of Muny 1st Stage, and now as Education Director for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, I have utilized her expert care when performers have reported muscular and movement related injuries. Examples include a serious lower back related strain and another was shoulder related. I sent both the actors to Alice. She was not only able to relieve their immediate symptomatic pain, but also keep them well enough healed and relaxed to rehearse safely within a day, and then to mend completely prior to the opening of each production.

Over the years, musicians, singers, actors, and dancers have all reported to me how incredibly helpful her work is to insuring their ability to perform without hesitation or pain. Her ability to perceive the subtle causes and areas of physical strain in patients who perform is exceptional. I recommend her without reservation.

Christopher Limber
Educational Director
Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis